Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Linen and Red Pants

Happy Wednesday!!! Yes, wearing my red pants AGAIN. I really love them so much. They are so versatile and wearable which you would never think about red pants, but the trend right now is to wear a colored pant as a neutral, so that's what I keep doing! So I had this perfect linen top that has this really cool funky beaded design on both the front and back. This is such a comfy top, and I just love the puff sleeves! It's so cutsey and girly and has a baby doll feel, which I usually don't go for, but this works well. I wanted to add another color, so I did my yellow and nude BCBG clutch with this look. My favorite part of this outfit are the SHOES!!! Not only were they like $16 bucks from TJMaxx but they're super cute with this funky pattern on the platform!! Also, mary-janes are my favorite type of shoe personally, so I really just couldn't think of any reason why these babies shouldn't be added to my collection! My last addition is of course my accessories that are minimal. Gold hoops, and my arm candy :) Get this look below!

Pants- Know Style Boutique
Clutch- BCBG (Lord&Taylor)
Shoes- TJMaxx

Photo Credit: Paul Newland at