Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pastel Tie Dye

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the last day of the weekend! 
Pastel tie dye is a new trend that's everywhere this summer. I absolutely love the way it looks! This skirt is so cute and fun and SUPER girly. I wanted the main focus to be on the skirt so I wore a very simple top. It's a cream sheer blouse that gives the skirt a more vintage look because of the neckline. This top is actually super old. I think I bought it from a thrift shop in NY for like $2 or something. Do you not love those steals? I do!!

I also wanted to add a belt to pull this look all together. The navy blue created a great accent for the whole outfit. Oh, and my hair is BARELY up, (I secretly hate myself with a bun) but I felt like the hair style complimented the look really well. Hope you love!! xxBay 

Skirt- Forever21
Top- Thrifted 
Shoes- Guess (Macy's)
Belt- From another dress