Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Repeat and I'm Proud

Yes, I'm re-wearing my pink wide-leg pants from my Bryant Park shoot, AND my snake skin top from my Mint Green Pants post. BUT what's the beauty of having great pieces if you can't re-wear them in different ways? Pay no attention to these "no re-wearing the same piece more than once" nonsense. If you can rock it again with a different twist, making it an entirely new look, then why not? Take this is as a Bay's Style rule for the future, WEAR ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES!

ps. Want to be reminded of the first time I wore these two great pieces of clothing in different ways? Click!

So moving on, yay pink pants again!! This post is going to teach you the most ideal way to wear an animal print as a neutral. This outfit was done with a snake skin top. Now, you can do this with any animal print. If I wanted to wear leopard with these pants, or a darker snake skin, on a different color pant or skirt, it would also work. Again, mixing and matching is fun and always be creative to make yourself stand out! xxBay