Monday, September 10, 2012

Pre- Fashion Week Presentations Spring 2013

The night before Fashion Week started I was invited to a Pre-Fashion Week presentation of 4 Corners of a Circle's Spring 2013 RTW show at Eyebeam. It was the first show I attended where I was actually sitting in the riser along with all the other fashion photographers shooting the show. It was the start of my first official Fashion Week and it was absolutely fantastic. My photographer (Paul Newland of took me along and gave me the tips and tricks on how to use my new DSLR camera that I was a complete amateur at using. He taught me how to shoot a runway show right down the middle just like a pro.

This show was simple and clean. The clothing was light, airy, and flowey. Pastels were mixed with black and touches of fierce red, and royal blue. My favorite was the uplifting, graphic star print that designers are honing in on more and more on the runway for this season. I loved how easily wearable the clothing was! Check out my pictures below from the Eyebeam show!