Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aztec Prints & Warm Hues

It's been freezing for the last couple of days so taking pictures outside has been super difficult. This shoot was taken inside my house but the lighting kind of sucked :( I wish the pictures came out better but at least you guys get to see a new outfit post from me! My comfort zone is this outfit. I just love big sweatshirts in the winter, and I dress them up by adding a skirt and accessories and sometimes even heels. Just because it's a sweatshirt, doesn't mean you can't rock it in a chic way! Loved this Aztec printed one from Forever21's recent clearance sale that I think if you DIDN'T hit up, you missed out! Go check it out it's still on! Nothin better than cute cheap winter pieces to add to you closet fashionistas ! Stay warm

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