Friday, January 31, 2014

Target Cartwheel App

Hey dolls! Happy Friday! I'm here to tell you about a new app from Target called the Cartwheel App. It is a revolution in coupons. Just download the app to get great savings at Target straight from your phone! Cartwheel can be used on your smartphone, tablet or even on your desktop. Why download the Cartwheel app? Why wouldn't you want to save BIG at the best retailer in the world! This app has over 700 coupons to choose from, and guests are able to use any offer on their list as many times as they wish until the offer expires! So, if there was an offer for 10% off 20 ounce bottles of Diet Coke, a guest could purchase 4 bottles of Diet Coke in one transaction and the offer discount would be applied to all 4 bottles of Diet Coke. That same guest could do this up to 6 times in one day, for a total of 24 bottles of Diet Coke. How awesome is that! 

Other perks of the Target Cartwheel app:

Guests are even able to use their Facebook login to sign up with Cartwheel. This enables them to see what offers their friends have on their Cartwheel lists in the app experience as well as via Facebook’s open graph stories. If guests want to use their Facebook login, but do not want their Cartwheel activity posted to Facebook, they can manage that by not allowing Facebook to post on their behalf during the authentication process. They can also manage this at any time via the app privacy settings. How cool is that?

Everyone loves Target and everyone also loves saving on everyday items, I am personally suppperr excited about this app and I've already downloaded it!

Click on this link to get started and download this amazing savings app to your Android or iPhone today!!

Have a great weekend everyone!