Wednesday, October 12, 2016

His + Hers/Red+Black

 I absolutely love the fact that my fiance is so supportive of my blog. He loves using our new DSLR and taking pictures of me !! But my absolute favorite is when we get to dress up together. This is on our way to a wedding and he chose the MOST PERFECT Mimi Fong tie and pocket square to match my dress. The wedding we attended was actually at Laduree Soho, which was so fabulous. French, vintage inspired and just gorgeous. Adam and I will be doing more His & Hers looks going forward and I will quick link them in my sidebar if you'd like check them out! Meanwhile, see below for the links to where our outfits are from! 

Mimi Fong Tie- Neiman Marcus 
Pocket Square- Check out some inexpensive options here.
Belt- Ferragamo from Nordstrom here

Dress-boutique but find some other red and black dress options here 
Bag- YSL from Saks. Mine is sold out but find similar YSL bags here